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Top Ten Tips

Christina's intramural basketball team.
My intramural womens' basketball team!

4. Join intramurals. Whether you play with your house, your RSO, or your friends, I highly recommend playing intramurals. I played traditional sports like basketball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee, but also had a ton of fun playing kickball, dodgeball, and flag football. After intramurals season, some of the friends I made from my own team and the opposing teams ended up making “pickup soccer” or “pickup basketball” groupchats which opened up more opportunities for sports throughout the rest of the school year.

A Divvy bike in front of a view of the city.
My favorite place - taking a Divvy along the Lake!

8. Find a place just for you! Especially when you live in the dorms, it’s very hard to take time for yourself or just be in a location without people constantly around. I recommend finding a location/activity where you can escape for a bit and take a breather. For me, this was long bike rides along the Lakefront trail. For others, I know this could be taking a walk outside, doing some meditation, going to church, or finding an off-campus coffee shop. It’s so important to take time for yourself and especially when college seems to be moving a little too fast, it’s nice to have a go-to spot to escape for a bit.

Submitted by Christina P. on Tuesday, January 4, 2022