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Spring is a busy time at UChicago. Check out these student run events happening in May:  FOTA (Festival of the Arts), May 1 – May 8; SCAV (Scavenger Hunt), May 7 – May 10; Summer Breeze, May 16.

NCSE's 2015 Friend of Darwin Award Goes to Neil Shubin

Scientist, Author, Movie Star, and Storyteller. Learn more

UChicago Announces "No Barriers" Program

A comprehensive plan to increase access to college, support students as they receive an empowering education, and prepare them for lifelong professional success. Learn more: visit the No Barriers website and read the UChicago Announcement.




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UChicago in the World

New solder method opens world of technological possibilities for semiconductors.

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Earliest-known arboreal and subterranean ancestral mammals discovered. Two 160 million-year-old fossils suggest widespread ecological diversity among earliest mammals.

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UChicago wins first place in Model U.N. competition.

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