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Counselors & Educators

Thank you for the incredible work you do for your students!

Every year, counselors, teachers, and administrators like you guide students through the anxious and exciting process of searching for their ideal college match. Through hard work, patience, and dedication, you provide invaluable support as students take these final steps towards empowerment and independence.

As your partners in this process, UChicago Admissions Counselors are devoted to providing clear information, honest advice, and a respectful attitude. Together, we can demystify the application and financial aid process in order to ensure that every student is able to reach their full potential.

We encourage you to contact your regional counselor using the map below!

Below is a geographical breakdown of UChicago Admissions Officer Territories. Please note: the officer is designated to area where the prospective student attends school — not where the student resides.

Find your regional admissions counselor here.