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Housing & Dining

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Why UChicago? It's more than outstanding faculty, a gorgeous campus, and a vibrant student life... but those are pretty good too!

Community Life

Housing & Residence Life gives students both the structure and the freedom to build a comfortable and exciting life as part of a community. Houses are the setting of both informal community time—impromptu study sessions, video game tournaments, or board game nights—and planned activities. Students decide together what activities the House will do, so you are certain to have new experiences you'd never have discovered on your own. If you have never jumped in a lake at sunrise, played Whirlyball, ice-skated in the shadow of skyscrapers, or run (literally!) to brunch, you can do it with your Housemates. Along the way, you'll make good friends you probably would never have met otherwise.

Resident Staff

Resident Heads

Resident Heads are advanced graduate students, faculty, or University staff who reside in each of the Houses. They and their families open their homes to House meetings, cheer on the House’s teams, host study breaks (with free food!), and are there to support and provide resources to all students.

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Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs), who are usually third- or fourth-year students, also live in the House. As advanced students, RAs know the ropes around campus and offer younger students the benefit of their experience.

Resident Deans

Resident Deans are senior faculty who strive to make the intellectual life of the University and the cultural life of Chicago part of the daily lives of their student residents. They host community-wide events like dinners, receptions, outings to the symphony or the opera, and informal discussions with luminaries from all corners of University.

Residence Halls

Seven residence halls offer students a variety of living options. Each hall takes on a unique culture while maintaining a sense of community. Whether you're tucked away in a neo-gothic quadrangle or gazing out a wide modern window, you'll feel right at home