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Your Guide to the Core Curriculum

A University of Chicago education is about more than gaining a set of skills, achieving a rite of passage, or even honing the ability to think critically. It is a way of experiencing and moving through the world—interest in a lifelong dialogue across cultures and disciplines, inclination to ask good questions, and willingness to change perspective after encountering new ideas. From the beginning, we’ve believed in the benefits of a liberal arts education, including a robust intellectual foundation in a diversity of disciplines.

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Majors, minors, and other programs

Complementing the breadth of the Core curriculum are more than 50 majors and 40 minors, as well as dozens of areas of specialized study, with full-time academic advisers helping students navigate these opportunities from day one.

At a liberal arts institution such as the University of Chicago, your major does not necessarily determine your career path. While for some students, choosing a major serves as a path to a specific career or profession, for others it represents a way to build skills that could apply to many different careers or to dig into a passionate academic interest. You can begin a major at any time, including your first quarter. Unless otherwise specified by the department, the deadline for declaring a major is Spring Quarter of your third year. Most students will change majors at least once during their time on campus.