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Campus, Hyde Park, Chicago

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UChicago Virtual Tour

The University of Chicago is located in the historic, residential neighborhood of Hyde Park, just 20 minutes south of downtown Chicago. This location provides students the best of two worlds: a comfortable home in a neighborhood with a college-town feel, and easy access to everything else going on in a world-class city.

What do our campus and neighborhood look like?

We invite you to come see for yourself, or take a video tour! Stroll across grassy quadrangles, among hundred-year-old trees, and around Botany Pond on our 217-acre campus, designated as a botanic garden. Look up now to see the gargoyles and grotesques peering down from ivy-covered Collegiate Gothic buildings, and now to see the glassy contours of modern buildings designed by renowned architects. Then, step inside to follow in the footsteps of Nobel laureates, join in impassioned but respectful discussion in a Core class, observe researchers pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, and see new lifelong friendships forming in a House community.

Campus is at the heart of the neighborhood of Hyde Park, a home to lifelong residents, diverse ideas, beautiful vistas, and thriving culture. Hyde Park is also home to more than 60 percent of our faculty and their families. Parks, schools, restaurants, cafes, beautiful lakefront beaches and vistas, and community arts activities abound, and the streets of Hyde Park are abuzz with pedestrian traffic. Students actively engage with all the neighborhood has to offer, including museums, restaurants, the 57th Street Art Fair, historic sights, the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, movies, concerts, plays, the Neighborhood Schools Program, and other research and volunteering opportunities.

Campus Resources

The University of Chicago is committed to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. We offer Student Health ServiceStudent Counseling Service, Health Promotion and Wellness, and numerous resources for student safety in an urban campus environment. The Student Health Service, part of the University of Chicago Medical Center, is available by appointment for any student who wants to meet with a health professional. The Student Counseling Service is available for individual and group therapy, medication management, support groups, ADHD services, and offers an Academic Skills Assessment Program and classes on topics such as note-taking and speed-reading. Students also call on their academic advisers and Resident Heads in their House for personal support. The Department of Safety and Security and certified University of Chicago Police Department offer services including registering your bike, accompanying you if you’re unsure of where you’re going at night or are traveling alone, and educating you in self-defense classes. Additionally, UChicago has a network of blue-light emergency phones and nighttime transportation around Hyde Park.

Instagram photo of campus in spring
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The City of Chicago

Chicago is our laboratory, our playground, and our muse. Students take advantage of Chicago’s internships, sports, neighborhoods, concerts, restaurants, and vast research opportunities. Through the Chicago Studies Program, they even study the city itself.