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CPS Student Admitted to UChicago

UChicago Promise: Moving Online, Virtually Empowered, Unlimited Potential (MOVE UP)

Students in the city of Chicago, especially those who attend local public and charter schools, have been asked to navigate unique challenges in the last academic school year. In addition to fall and spring school disruptions, many local students and their families are now also disproportionately feeling the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. UChicago Promise MOVE UP, an expansion of UChicago Promise, has been created to help students in new ways during this time of unprecedented need.

UChicago Promise MOVE UP is designed to support local students and families through a new virtual college engagement, application, admissions, and financial aid process. UChicago will do this work in partnership with the City Colleges of Chicago and Coalition for College member schools to ensure that all local students who aspire to go to college can find a school that fits their postsecondary goals.

Local students will also have the unique opportunity to receive specialized advising from UChicago staff and earlier notification of their admissions decision for those who are ready to commit to attending UChicago.

We know that our local students will be able to overcome these obstacles and find success in their college endeavors, and we are committed to helping students achieve their educational dreams every step of the way.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students include all first-year applicants who attend Chicago Public Schools (CPS) or qualifying charter high schools in the city of Chicago. Click here to see if your school is a qualifying CPS or charter high school. Transfer students do not currently qualify.

How do students start the application process?

Students should create a UChicago Account and select "First Year applying from a public or charter high school in the city of Chicago supported by UChicago Promise" as their plan.

Students will be then able to upload self-submitted application materials to their account via the "CPS Worksheet" for preliminary review by a UChicago admissions counselor.

Any student who wants a preliminary review should self-submit their full high school transcript as well as a short essay response to the question: “What do you feel you need to be happy and successful in college?” After those materials are uploaded and have been reviewed, students will receive an email from an admissions counselor that provides additional college application advising.

Students who have been able to take the SAT or ACT can share their scores if they think that they are reflective of their ability and potential or if they would like test-specific advising, but please note that test scores are not required as UChicago has a test-optional admissions policy.

How do students complete and submit their official application?

Students will follow the standard first-year application instructions and deadlines based on the application plan they select (Early Action, Early Decision I, Early Decision II, or Regular Decision).

Rolling Early Decision I

Starting in September, any first-year applicant from qualifying Chicago Public Schools and charter high schools who applies to UChicago under our Early Decision I (EDI) application option will receive an admissions decision two weeks after completing their full application.

We advise students applying under EDI to submit an Early Decision (ED) agreement form by uploading it to the "Forms" section of their UChicago Account rather than using the ED agreement within the Common applications or Apply Coalition, Powered by Scoir.

Dedicated merit scholarships

In addition to the merit scholarships available to all first-year applicants, UChicago offers special scholarships to students from the Chicago area. Please note that all merit scholarship candidates are also encouraged to apply for our need-based financial aid.

Advising to all students

Regardless of whether or not they apply to UChicago, all Chicago Public Schools and charter students have access to virtual advising and support.


Students, parents and guardians, and high school counselors can direct questions to