Study Abroad

Living and learning in a foreign country offers students a remarkable opportunity to engage with different cultures, societies, and languages, creating an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. The University of Chicago manages its own study abroad programs, in which a group of two dozen students travels abroad with our own professors. This assures the quality of the teaching and curriculum, the relevance to the College’s Core curriculum or the student’s major, and the transferability of credit and financial aid.

The College offers 45 quarter- and year-long study abroad programs in 20 countries.

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Quarter-Long Programs

We offer Civilization Studies that fulfill the Core requirement (15 programs, including our newest program in Istanbul), intensive instruction in advanced language (four programs, including Toledo and Freiburg), and thematic courses (examples range from British Literature, History, and Culture in London to Astronomy in Paris).

Year-Long Programs

Year-long programs are available for students who want to enroll directly in one of 13 foreign universities, learning alongside similarly qualified international students in Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, England, Scotland, Ireland, Kyoto, Paris, or St. Petersburg.

Other Programs

UChicago students are also invited to participate in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s (ACM) semester-long programs in Botswana (Culture and Society in Africa) or Tanzania (Human Evolution and Ecology), or the Council on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)/University of Iowa’s summer programs in the Dominican Republic (Latin American Health, Nutrition, and Environmental Issues) or Guanajuato (Spanish and Mexican Culture).

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Aside from qualifying for College financial aid while they are abroad, students abroad are eligible for many outside and internal sources of funding, including the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for Pell Grant recipients, the Ana Julie Calderwood Scholarship Fund for students learning a Romance language in the summer, the Freeman-Asia Program for study abroad in Asia, and the University of Chicago’s Summer International Travel Grants, which include grants for international summer research as well as the Foreign Language Acquisition Grant (FLAG) for summer language study abroad.

Centers Abroad


The university’s research and teaching arm in Europe is its Center in Paris, the location of 13 of our quarter-long programs and a home base for any student studying abroad in Europe. Students can take courses in the social sciences, biological sciences, humanities, and more in Paris. Recent additions to the curriculum include the study of Islam (in partnership with Sciences Po) and economics of the European Union (in partnership with University of Paris Dauphine). The center facilities offer classroom, conference, and study space for its programs, research facilities, and a central meeting location for faculty, students, staff, and their Parisian counterparts. There is also an attractive garden that serves as a congenial conversation space.

Hong Kong

Located in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, the Center in Hong Kong provides further space and support for study abroad programs, facilitates further academic exchange with regional partner institutions, and acts as a hub of student and faculty research, collaboration, and engagement in Hong Kong, China and Asia. The Booth School of Business is also incorporating an Executive MBA Program Asia at the site, and is fostering new and expanded programs for social innovation and entrepreneurship at the Center through its Social Enterprise Initiative. While the physical site for UChicago’s newest international center, the Francis and Rose Yuen Center in Hong Kong, is scheduled to open in 2018, an interim facility is currently hosting the Center’s operations. The completed structure for the Center in Hong Kong will be located on Mount Davis, the westernmost hill on Hong Kong Island.  


The University of Chicago's Center in Beijing, opened in autumn 2010 and supports undergraduate study and collaborations between scholars and students from China and Chicago, across academic disciplines.

Located in the Haidian District of Beijing, amid major universities, research academies, and government agencies, the 23,000-square-foot center provides space for seminars and conferences, as well as faculty offices and study areas. It hosts Chinese students and scholars, and serves as a base for Chicago students and faculty working at other institutions in Beijing and throughout the region.

New Delhi

The University of Chicago Center in Delhi, which opened in early 2014, is the newest of Chicago's three centers abroad, and will be a home for the University's South Asian scholarship, including faculty, graduate student, and undergrad programs.

The center is located in the heart of New Delhi, within walking distance of Connaught Place. Programs there are organized into three broad categories: business, economics, law, and policy; science, energy, medicine, and public health; and culture, society, religion, and arts. Panel discussions and seminars will continue the long and rich tradition of scholarship the University of Chicago has in South Asia, including an undergraduate study abroad program since 2001, medical and research facilities in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a study abroad program with the School of Social Services Administration.