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Home-Schooled Applicants

"I chose UChicago because I wanted a school that attracted students from all over the world. UChicago has exposed me to students of infinitely many perspectives and backgrounds which is exciting in both an academic and explore/get-all-you-can-out-of-life way."
Alexa C - Evergreen, CO


In addition to required application materials, successful home-schooled applicants often submit supplemental information such as:

  • SAT Subject Test scores
  • AP scores
  • Reading lists
  • Supplementary recommendations (from a community college instructor, independent tutor, employer, youth leader, etc.)
  • Extracurricular projects such as artwork, a research abstract, or writing
  • certification

Many home-schooled applicants are enrolled in high school programs that grant a high school diploma and provide a transcript. We do want to see your records from this kind of program if you are participating in one, but we do not require applicants to be enrolled in a high school.