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Photo of UChicago professor Matthew Tirrell
Matthew Tirrell is the founding Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering as well as a pioneering researcher in the fields of biomolecular engineering and nanotechnology.

Awards associated with current and former faculty and alumni of UChicago

  • 90 Nobel Laureates, eight currently on faculty
  • 136 American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows
  • 17 John Bates Clark Medalists (Economics)
  • 6 Fields Medalists (Mathematics), two currently on faculty
  • 213 Guggenheim fellows
  • 29 MacArthur “Genius” fellows
  • 46 National Academy of Sciences members
  • 12 National Humanities Medal winners
  • 15 National Medal of Science winners
  • 5 Presidential Medal of Freedom winners
  • 20 Pulitzer Prize winners

Valuable Combination

The unique combination of a liberal arts college with a research university results in a classroom culture rich with faculty-to-student exchange. Ninety percent of our courses are taught by faculty members, and the average student to faculty classroom ratio is 6:1. Students have many opportunities to build relationships with faculty, through classes, office hours, department-sponsored lectures and events, and faculty roundtables. Additionally, most of our faculty live in Hyde Park, the neighborhood surrounding the University, which is a rarity for an urban university and an invaluable component of our academic community. Don’t be surprised to see your professors at the park, in line at the grocery store, or signing books after class at the local bookstore.