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Merit Scholarships

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University Merit Scholarships

Exemplary students are selected to receive University merit scholarships on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular achievement, demonstrated leadership, and commitment to their communities. Merit awards are determined by committee on the basis of the application for admission without consideration of financial need. These awards range by amount, but students can expect to receive at least a $2,000 merit scholarship. Scholarships can be awarded for four years of undergraduate study or funding for summer opportunities. Most of UChicago's financial aid is awarded on the basis of need, so all students who may require financial support in their education are encouraged to apply for need-based aid.

  • A University Scholarship goes toward the cost of attendance.
  • A Dean’s Scholarship provides funding for one summer opportunity, which recipients can use for a summer internship, a summer research project, or a UChicago Summer Quarter course.
  • A President’s Scholarship provides similar funding for two summers.
  • A Provost’s Scholarship provides research-specific funding for three summers and three academic years, plus a travel stipend.

All first-year applicants are automatically considered for all available merit scholarships; no additional merit scholarship application is required. Transfer students are not eligible for merit-based scholarships. Scholarship winners will receive notification of their awards on a rolling basis through the end of April. Please note that only scholarship winners are notified.

First Phoenix Scholarship

All first-generation college students will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship over four years as part of the First Phoenix Scholarship program. Awards are made to students whose parents did not attain a degree from a four-year college or university. Applicants who qualify will automatically be considered and need not submit any additional materials beyond the application for admission.

First Phoenix College Student Internship

The University of Chicago is committed to providing you with an education that enhances your personal and professional development. To that end, all first-generation college students have the opportunity to receive a funded summer Metcalf internship or research opportunity after their first year in the College. To qualify for the opportunity, you will need to participate in Career Advancement programs and meetings with your career adviser. You will meet with your adviser throughout the year to discuss your academic and career interests to ensure that you’re in a strong position to find an internship that fits your interests and goals.

National Police and Fire Scholarship PDF
UChicago National Police and Fire Scholarship PDF

National Police and Fire Scholarship

To honor our nation’s safety public safety officers, University of Chicago announces our new Police and Fire Scholarship program. For the children of professional, active-duty or killed on duty municipal, county, and state police and firefighters, we offer up to full-tuition, four-year scholarships. To be considered for this scholarship, candidates must be high school seniors who qualify for admission to the University of Chicago and be children (including legally adopted children) of currently active, sworn, professional municipal, county, or state police officers or firefighters in the United States. Qualified parent roles include professional police officers with municipal, county, or state police forces, officers in sheriffs' offices, professional firefighters with municipal or county fire departments. Students whose parents have lost their life in the line of duty are also eligible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your regional admissions counselor.

Merit Scholarship Policy

UChicago merit scholarships are guaranteed for four years as long as the student remains a full-time student in good standing with the College. If you are awarded multiple scholarships by the University of Chicago, the scholarship awarded most recently will be the prevailing scholarship and will replace any previously awarded merit scholarship from UChicago.

Admitted students who have been awarded a Summer Session merit scholarship prior to their acceptance to UChicago will see this scholarship noted on their financial aid award notification as "University Scholarship." As part of their “University Scholarship” award, the total amount may be higher than stated in your original Summer Session admission letter. Any "University Scholarship" is inclusive of your Summer Session award. Students will not receive their Summer Session merit scholarship on top of the "University Scholarship." Summer Session students who were awarded this scholarship will have been notified in their Summer Sesion admission letter that they were selected to receive the merit scholarship. Only students who were notified in writing, at the time of admission to Summer Session, that they were selected for the scholarship are eligible to receive it upon admission to the undergraduate College. Students selected for any of the Summer Scholarship Programs, although eligible for merit scholarships (and other forms of aid), are not automatically awarded the Summer Session merit scholarship.

First-Generation students will receive an automatic $20,000 scholarship over their four years at UChicago. If you receive a “University Scholarship” from UChicago it is inclusive of your First Phoenix Scholarship and you will not receive a First-Generation merit scholarship on top of the "University Scholarship."