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Community-Based Organizations

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At the University of Chicago we partner with community–based organizations (CBOs) to help create college–going cultures in underserved communities. The goal of these partnerships is to remove some of the educational access challenges faced by underrepresented students of color, first-generation college students, and students facing economic hardships. We work with CBOs to support students' dreams of attending selective colleges.

This page is dedicated to providing resources for CBO counselors and their students. You can engage with our office virtually throughout the school year and summer: request an admissions counselor virtual program. We encourage you to share the links to CBO-sponsored scholarships and programming as well as current UChicago student profiles and success stories with your community. To stay up to date with our latest news, please join our CBO mailing list.

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As a partner of the Coalition for College, we encourage all CBOs to register for a CCID, an individualized five-digit code that helps Coalition members connect with registered CBOs by streamlining communication and improving data sharing. Don't have a CCID? Apply to join the registry for free today!