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Staying Organized in College

The first part of my week with different calendars and my task lists.
The first part of my week with different calendars and my task lists.

My personal go-tos are online apps like Google Calendar and Google Tasks, which allow me to quickly add events and tasks when I am on my computer or smartphone. Today, I wanted to share my process for how I use them to stay organized. I hope that you’ll find this post helpful for your own day-to-day planning, or that it’ll give you some ideas for how you can utilize other organizational tools, many of which have similar functions. 

Let’s start off with calendars:

  1. You can add other people’s calendars to show up on your own calendar in different colors. For example, I have added my soccer coach’s calendar, which has all our practice times, and my Principal Investigator’s calendar, which has all our research lab meetings.
  2. You can also make separate personal calendars. For example, I have a calendar for my classes, for office hours, and for personal events such as RSO meetings, meals with friends, and blocks of time to work out.
  3. You can schedule recurring events in your calendar and specify an end date–perfect for each quarter’s classes. You can also make edits to specific days of these events, such as information about homework due dates, without changing the name of every event.
Submitted by Christina P. on Thursday, February 11, 2021