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A Day in the Life

Matcha latte and bagel from True North
Matcha latte and bagel from True North

8:00 AM: Wake up and get ready for the day. I make myself coffee and a protein shake before heading to Pret, a café on campus.

9:30 AM: Head to the admissions office for my morning shift. I am an outreach intern, and I help to run the social media and other projects to ensure prospective students are getting the best outreach possible. The office is smaller than others so I have created a lot of relationships that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

11:30 AM: I make my way to the Regenstein Library, and work on my Lab for Environmental History of the Earth. I booked a study room in the library for myself and a friend to work on homework. Booking rooms is really helpful for me because it blocks out a time in advance that I will be in the Reg and be able to get work done without distractions.

1:00 PM: My favorite part of the day – lunch! 57th street has a handful of restaurants that are great lunch spots. There is a new cafe, True North, which I love already! Owned by UChicago grads, it opened about a month ago and has a tasty selection of coffee, breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches and smoothies! The lattes are my favorite, and I always get the Iced Match Latte & bagel because it is quick and will fill me up for my afternoon classes.

True North is a new cafe on 57th street, just a few minutes from the center of campus.
True North is a new cafe on 57th street, just a few minutes from the center of campus.

2:00 PM: I grab a seat in my Economics for Everyone course next to a few of my friends. Being a graduating senior, I had the option to take classes that aren’t for my major which has been so fun! This class is an introduction to economics class with all the fundamentals. The course is taught by John List and Steven Levitt and the class is taught through interactive lectures.

3:30 PM: My last class for the day is Quantitative Methods. This is a public policy class that address different methodologies used in quantitative problems. The class is based on statistics, but is mainly used to focus on statistical thinking in evaluating social and economic outcomes.

5:00 PM: After class I head to the local grocery store to pick up a few things to make for dinner. Thursday is my least busy night, so I try and make something that requires a little more work. Usually I would walk to the grocery store because it’s only a few blocks away but due to the rain I took the bus. All students have the UPass, an unlimited public transportation card, and I tap it to get on the 171 bus. It drops me off right in front and picks up at the same place so I am able to stay dry and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Tonight I made steak, mashed potatoes (from scratch!), and asparagus.

7:00 PM: Once I eat and unwind, I treat myself to some Netflix , currently obsessed with New Girl, and relax in preparation for the weekend!

Submitted by Kaitlin P. on Thursday, May 10, 2018