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UChicago Careers In

Career Advancement partners with the College to offer unique pre-professional programs with resources and professional opportunities that complement that broad and rich scope of the College’s Core curriculum. Through these programs, students receive personalized career counseling from an adviser with extensive experience in their field, participate in skill-building workshops, and network with successful professionals and potential employers. Students can also apply for industry-specific jobs and internships as well as grants to fund research and mentorship opportunities.

Current UChicago Careers In Offerings

UChicago Careers in Business

With access to an economics faculty that currently includes multiple Nobel laureates, as well as professors and lecturers from the top-ranking University of Chicago Booth School of Business, UChicago Careers in Business students enjoy attractive internship and research opportunities to help them thrive in both the classroom and the boardroom. Also called the Trott Business Program, this UCI supplements the College’s rich liberal arts curriculum with the world-class resources of Chicago Booth and UChicago’s global network of business leaders.

UChicago Careers in Education Professions

UChicago Careers in Education Professions (UCIEP) consults with UChicago’s world-renowned faculty to help students navigate the graduate school application process; find teaching placement programs, residency programs, research opportunities, and positions with policy and consulting organizations relative to the field; locate valuable internships and interim year experiences; and embark on treks to meet professionals at education nonprofits, think tanks, and more. At UChicago, students can also work with organizations like the Urban Education Institute and the Neighborhood Schools Program to get involved in education within the local community.

UChicago Careers in Entrepreneurship

Career Advancement integrates a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, funding resources, and networking into its UChicago Careers in Entrepreneurship (UCIE) program for students interested in start-ups, venture capital, and other related careers. Students have access to one-on-one advising from a professional with extensive experience, and students with innovative ideas can utilize departments and organizations like the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship at the Booth School of Business and the Center for Policy Entrepreneurship at the Harris School of Public Policy. Students also have opportunities to put their ideas into practice in competitions such as the College New Venture Challenge, where student teams are formed to propose sustainable, socially responsible enterprises that benefit communities.

UChicago Careers in Health Professions

The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, one of the nation’s preeminent medical centers, is fully incorporated into the broader biological sciences enterprise, and features resources that prepare students for admission to the nation’s top medical schools and health professions programs offers students a plethora of research opportunities. Among the more than 140 undergraduate classes in the Biological Sciences Division, many are tailored specifically to the interests of pre-medical students. Eighty-two percent of UChicago 2016-cycle applicants were admitted to medical school, more than double the national average.

UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media

The UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM) program brings together vibrant curricular programs with academic coursework, extra–curricular activities, internships, fellowships, employment opportunities, and alumni networks. Past internship placements through UCIJAM have included the Art Institute of Chicago, CNN, O—The Oprah Magazine, Sony Music Entertainment, and NPR. In addition, UCIJAM offers excellent workshops by professional artists, journalists, and media mavens, as well as fantastic networking opportunities such as “treks” to New York City, London, and Los Angeles. The University’s new Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts also provides an unparalleled space for creative forces to work and come together.

UChicago Careers in Law

The University of Chicago’s world-renowned faculty, dedicated advising staff, and outstanding library and research facilities offer unparalleled preparation for a successful career in law. Students interested in courses that will provide background knowledge for specific areas of law and who are considering a career in law can access a bevy of opportunities and resources for that professional path through the UChicago Careers in Law program. Some of these opportunities include working with the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights, the Program on the Global Environment, and the Center for International Studies on campus, as well as assistance with law school applications. Eighty-four percent of UChicago 2016-cycle applicants were admitted to top-14 law schools.

UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service

UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service (UCIPPS) offers career exploration and skill-building workshops, experiential learning opportunities, mentorship, on-campus employer information sessions and recruitment, and hundreds of paid social service internships and fellowships available through the College. Students who participate in the UCIPPS program have access to employer site visits, networking opportunities with alumni and professionals in the public and social service sectors, and a one-day trip to Washington D.C. to visit employers and alumni. Numerous opportunities are also available through the College and the University Community Service Center, founded in 1996 by former First Lady Michelle Obama, to engage with local communities. Students of the UCIPPS program pursue careers in non-profits, policy research, local and federal government, as well as in the expanding sectors of big data, corporate social responsibility, impact and non-profit consulting, and economic development.

UChicago Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The UChicago Careers in Science, Technology, Engingeering, and Math (UCISTEM) program helps undergraduate students explore, prepare for, and obtain flourishing careers and job opportunities in STEM fields—in areas ranging from particle physics, bioinformatics, and national security to search engines and alternative energies. UCISTEM’s partnership with the University’s” Institute for Molecular Engineering”:, exposes undergraduates to interdisciplinary problem-solving in physics, biology, chemistry, and computation that, together, seek solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. Through Career Advancement, students have the opportunity to be matched with graduate student research mentors, receive individualized advising and counseling, attend workshops and lectures by distinguished alumni, and seek Jeff Metcalf Internships and Alumni Board of Governors Externships at places such as Argonne National Laboratory, Google, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Specialized advising

In addition to the student’s academic and departmental advisers, UChicago additionally has specific advisers on hand to assist students in preparing for graduate school and the professions associated with the UChicago Careers In programs.

  • Business
  • Education Professions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Professions
  • Journalism, Arts, and Media
  • Law
  • Public and Social Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Students should begin meeting with these advisers as soon as they can and certainly as soon as they become interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Advising is available to alumni as well.
Advising for study abroad links students with available programs inside and outside the University, sources of funding, and travel advice.