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After Graduation

The rigor and insight inherent in a UChicago education give our students remarkable resources for their professional success, not least because they study in and engage with the exciting world metropolis of Chicago. Our students are active participants in the classroom, where they learn the skills of a scholar, and from this they take the ability to lead, to communicate and to be understood in every profession, around the world.”
John W. Boyer, Dean of the College
Susan Sontag
The University of Chicago was the single most important part of my education. My entire life has been a development of and a debate with the education I received there.”
Susan Sontag - AB'51, Critic and Author

Research opportunities

If you are looking for a research opportunity, many of our professors employ students to assist them in their work, and these are often paid positions. Looking to conduct your research abroad? We have International Experience Grants that are awarded by the College to support language study and research overseas.


Since 1997, the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program has been a vital resource in providing and securing professional experience for UChicago students. Students can access more than 2,000 internship opportunities per year, and each internship is paid and offers substantive responsibilities and experience.

Career focus

For students wishing to pursue a pre-professional track, our UChicago Careers In (UCI) programs provide guidance and support for success in countless careers, including business, law, journalism, the health professions, and more. Once enrolled in a UCI program, students are matched with an industry expert who serves as their adviser, in addition to the general career advising that students have access to on campus. The College also sponsors experiential programs that provide students with advising, research, and internships in fields such as business and various health-related professions.

Further education

Many students look to further their education by attending graduate school. University of Chicago undergraduates find tremendous success in applying to and succeeding in top master’s and PhD programs around the world. Within five years of graduation, UChicago students rank among the highest choosing to attend graduate school. Fifteen to 20 percent go on to receive PhDs. Students who pursue graduate programs are guided by their professors, advisers, and Career Advancement. Career Advancement provides regular alumni and graduate student panels offering advice on graduate school life, reaching out to faculty for letters of recommendation, test preparation, and financial aid.