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Graduate School Preparation

University of Chicago undergraduates find tremendous success in applying to and succeeding in top MA and PhD programs around the world. Within five years of graduation, 85 percent of UChicago students attend graduate school—more than from any other American college. Fifteen to 20 percent go on to receive PhDs, more than from any other university college. 

Discover Master's Programs
A master's degree is an investment in your academic growth and your career trajectory. At the University of Chicago, master's students have access to world–class faculty, students, and resources. They are encouraged to press beyond disciplinary boundaries

Students wishing to go on to graduate programs in the arts and sciences are guided by their professors, advisers, and Career Advancement. Career Advancement provides regular alumni and graduate student panels so undergraduates can learn what life in graduate school is like. They also provide advice on reaching out to faculty for letters of recommendation and access to test preparation materials and financial aid information. Faculty and advisers can give advice on academic projects, letters of recommendation, and what kinds of graduate programs are appropriate for a student’s specific interests.

Over 80 percent of UChicago students participate in research via the over 160 research institutions and committees on campus, not to mention various off-campus opportunities, finding themselves prepared ahead of time for the world of scholarship that awaits in top-level graduate programs.