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Internships, Externships and Treks

After my second year here, I did a Metcalf Internship in D.C. as a felony one investigator for the public defender service there. That was a really wonderful opportunity to go to D.C. and do the sort of public service law I was interested in.
Adam R. - Economics and International Relations


Internships are a wonderful way to connect your academic and extracurricular interests with a career opportunity. They allow you to gain exposure to potential careers, develop professional work skills, and obtain a competitive advantage in your job search. It is never too soon to start looking for an internship. Our Office of Career Advancement will help you begin your search early in the academic year to ensure that you won’t miss any opportunities.

Through the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, UChicago students can access over 2,500 paid, substantive internships exclusive to the College. While the actual opportunities may differ slightly each year, internships are available throughout the United States and in 85 cities around the world, including over 900 in Chicago alone. These internships span all fields, including business, government and public policy, international studies, research and education, and social change.


Externships, like internships, are a way to explore different career possibilities, to expand your professional network, and to gain first-hand experience in a field. However, externships are distinctive in that they allow students to shadow professionals in their places of work while also building the skills and experiences necessary to better their resumes. Through the Alumni Board Externship Program, students can be matched with companies for one-day to five-day internships in a variety of fields during winter, spring, and summer breaks.


Treks, which are offered through the Office of Career Advancement, bring groups of 10-20 students face-to-face with alumni and leading employers in fields from the arts to business, public policy, governmental work, and more. Treks take place in cities from Los Angeles to New York, and from Chicago to Austin, as well as in all five continents across the globe.