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November creeps around the corner, shortening the days and freezing the air. Midterms and papers pile up in the increasingly longer nights spent in the libraries, and before you know it, the last leaf on the last tree has fallen. But this gloom doesn’t last because the further the temperature drops, the closer we get to the holiday season! Thanksgiving stands out like a beacon of light at the end of November, and as it fast approaches, it gives out warmth and comfort to the entire campus.

University Theater (“UT”) is the largest theater group on campus, as well as the largest RSO on campus. They put on about 12 main stage productions each year and sponsor two shows directed by professionals from the Chicago theater scene.  Students can get involved in anything from directing to costume design. I interviewed Eloise Hyman, a second-year Jewish Studies major who is involved with UT as an actor on campus.

What makes University Theater different from theater you’ve done in high school?

Everyone at UChicago will find their own favorite way to get around campus, navigate Hyde Park, and explore the larger city. Walking, free shuttles and buses, and biking are the most popular. However, others drive, take scooters and skateboards, and one guy even uses a unicycle. As a fourth year, I have lived in Max, South, and my own apartment, so I’ve had different routes to take to get to class using different types of transportation. After all of this experience getting around, I’ve determined that the best mode of transit in Hyde Park from March-November is the bicycle.

Writing about the wonderful and captivating world of Model UN at UChicago is a difficult task—I hardly know where to start!

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We're trying something a little new at the Uncommon Blog, interviews with people on campus involved in the kind of things prospective students might be interested in.

A cappella at the University of Chicago is a world unto itself. A crazy, collaborative and very, very loud world.

Interestingly enough, the University often seems to be divided into two groups: those who are actively involved in singing a cappella and those who obligingly listen to their friends belt out pop classics in the library and dutifully smile at the ridiculous concert promotional materials plastering campus from weeks five to nine of every quarter.

When I was growing up, I always knew that I wanted to become a doctor. Now that I’m a college student, I’m one step closer to realizing that goal through UChicago’s pre-med program. The pre-med program at Chicago is different from other schools. UChicago students are not “pre-med” majors--”pre-med” just describes the set of math and science classes that students need to take to apply to medical school.

“Oh you’re from Brooklyn? Cool! Why would you ever leave New York?” I have gotten this question in many different iterations over the course of my four years at the University of Chicago. ‘Honestly,’ I tell them, ‘I was looking for a warmer climate.’

If you’ve heard one example of the University of Chicago’s anything-goes atmosphere or offbeat student body, it was probably our world famous (and world’s largest) Scavenger Hunt, an annual tradition since 1987.