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UChicago Bucket List: 15 Things to Do Before You Graduate

Halfway to downtown on a nice spring day
  1. Bike up Lakefront Trail. The ride from the Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park to Museum Campus (where the Field, Shedd, and Adler are housed) is 6.3 miles. Another mile and a half, and you’ll get to the Bean. Pro tip: don’t worry if you don’t own a bike—Divvy rideshares make it easy to rent a bike by the hour or the day. Second pro tip: this is not a windy day activity.
At the Great Wall on one of our Friday excursions
  1. Go abroad (at least once)! We’re very lucky at UChicago that over 50% of our students study abroad at least once! One reason why that number is so high is because study abroad here is accessible. Your financial aid will always follow you abroad. We also have a variety of programs available, whether you want to fulfill your Civilizations Core requirement in Oaxaca or study neuroscience in Paris. As an international studies major, I chose to explore a new region and studied social sciences in Beijing for nine weeks. Six steamed buns every day for lunch for less than $2? Yes, please!
Henderson House won the intramural broomball championship my senior year
  1. Play broomball. I know that sports aren’t for everyone, but broomball is one of those sports that legitimately requires zero athletic skill. For those unacquainted, it’s like ice hockey except you play with a broom and wear sneakers instead of skates. Half the fun is falling every few steps! Most houses will have their own broomball teams and also participate in more than 30 other intramural sports throughout the year.
Watching the sun rise thanks to our 10 sun salutations on the last day of Kuvia
  1. Go to at least one day of Kuvia. Derived from the Inuit word for “Happiness,” Kuvia is a week-long festival that takes place every second week of Winter Quarter. For those brave enough to participate, you show up at Henry Crown Field House by 6:00 am to do sun salutations before going to an hour-long athletic workshop. Attend all five days, and you get the coveted long-sleeve Kuvia t-shirt and all the glory! Even if you can’t make it for the entire week, it’s worth going on Friday to walk to the Point and watch the sun rise over the frozen lake.
A hearty brunch after a Sunday morning Zumba class
  1. Eat at Valois. This should be an easy one to check off the list. While there are many local eateries to support in Hyde Park, there may be none more famous than Valois. Widely known as Obama’s favorite diner, it opens at 5:30 am and the staff make omelets at lightning speed. Cafeteria style? Cash only? It’s a great place to go with your housemates for a weekend brunch.
My roommates senior year, Ruby and Justin
  1. Make life-long friends. Yes, I’m ending with a cliché. But it’s true that some of my best friends today are ones I made in college. I want to give a particular shout-out to the matchmaking powers in the Housing Office. My roommate and I could not have been a better match, and I was grateful to have a late-night jigsaw puzzle companion, study buddy, and someone to teach me how to make ice lanterns. You’re the best, Ruby!
Submitted by Liz S. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020