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Ready, Fence!

“En garde!”

The clangs of foils, sabers, and épées can be heard loud and clear on the 3rd floor balcony of the Henry Crown Field House.  UChicago undergrads and grads alike can be found suited up in white, engaged in combat against one another. 

As a varsity fencer in high school, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue fencing or if I even wanted to continue, since sports usually require a high commitment at the college level. I was delighted to discover that UChicago Fencing is alive and well, and as a club sport, you’re free to come to practice whenever you can make it.  Most members of the club practice multiple times per week and are serious about improving and doing well at tournaments, giving the group a varsity and team atmosphere.  The club also travels regularly throughout the United States to both regional and national level events, including the College Fencing National Championships (CFC). 

Both CFCs I have competed in are two of my fondest college memories to date. At my first CFC, my division placed in the top 10 teams, successfully defeating many teams with full-time coaching staffs.  Our team runs on the dedication and commitment of its members.  After a long day of competing, we then wandered through downtown Knoxville, TN to eat pizza and ice cream and bond as a team.  The year after, we celebrated with cheesesteaks in the Philly suburbs.  Not only do we bond as a team during weekend tournaments, we also have the chance to befriend other college fencers from across the country.   Although UChicago Fencing is not considered a varsity sport on campus, the team keeps its competitive edge and spirit alive through its members.  The team is open to all levels, making it a haven for those with experience and those who are looking to try something new!

For more information about UChicago Fencing, check out their website!

Submitted by Emily P. on Thursday, January 28, 2016