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Not to Be Missed: The 2016 MODA Winter Fashion Show

Anne G., Fourth Year
Anne G., Fourth Year

Who knew that UChicago would provide me with the opportunity to live my ten-year-old self's America’s Next Top Model dream?

Since 2003, MODA at the University of Chicago has been a platform dedicated to showcasing fashion on campus and promoting the greater Chicago and nationwide fashion scenes. One of their main events is a fashion show where student designers curate original designs for the University community and general public.

As a second-year, I participated in the MODA Fashion Show as model for the online service Rent the Runway. Never before had I participated in a runway, let alone any performance in front of 1000+ people. When I walked in 2014, more over 1200 attendees flocked to Union Station from UChicago and local communities, and the event continues to grow today!

Anne G., Fourth Year
Anne G., Fourth Year

During the show itself, the excitement and overall energy pulses through all the participants and attendees. The jitters of walking in heels, and praying not to slip in front of the cameras, is an experience unlike anything I anticipated coming to UChicago. Most importantly, though, I enjoyed partaking in a unique artistic experience, one promoting the impressive efforts of students as well as local designers. I could not have imagined my time in college without the opportunity to participate in such a memorable celebration of arts and fashion.

This year, the show will be held at Morgan Manufacturing, a world-class 32,000 square foot space designed with a concept of modularity and industrial elegance. The event includes a cocktail reception, a runway show featuring work by student designers, and an after-party at one of Chicago’s favorite entertainment venues. Two new noteworthy additions make the 2016 show standout: a Deluxe VIP tier and the first entirely student-designed collection. Second-year Fiona F., the Assistant Sponsorship Manager, notes that these changes “make this show MODA's most intimate and personal one yet.”

MODA’s events have consistently attracted important partnerships and contributed to the vibrancy of Chicago fashion retail. For more information on MODA, visit and check them out on Facebook.

The 2016 MODA Winter Fashion Show is quickly approaching! February 26th 8-10pm at Morgan Manufacturing (Chicago). Tickets available at

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Tan and Ahon Sarkar.

Submitted by Anne G. on Monday, February 8, 2016