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House Sweet House

Yuen House after our Quest victory
Yuen House after our Quest victory

Another one of my favorite memories with my house was winning Quest at the beginning of last year. Quest is a mini-scavenger hunt that pits houses against each other in a series of events including oddball relays, complex math problems, and obstacle courses. (One of our clues instructed us to leapfrog across the entire length of the Main Quad!) After three hours of nonstop activity, my house (Go Yuen!) was first to cross the finish line!

The best part of Quest, however, was that it allowed me to experience my new home at UChicago for the first time. In between rounds of archery, my housemates and I bonded over our mutual likes and dislikes. (Our hot take: Gordon Ramsey was right, pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.) We talked about which classes we were most excited to take during the upcoming school year and promised to study together in our house lounge. I’m beyond grateful to Quest because I met some of my best friends that day, and I honestly can’t imagine UChicago without them. Even now as I’m writing this, I desperately miss our three-hour-long philosophical conversations and our baking marathons. (We once spent five hours trying to bake a tres leches cake from scratch.)

Submitted by Connie Z. on Wednesday, August 12, 2020