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The University of Chicago
Office of College Admissions
1101 E 58th Street Rosenwald Hall 105
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.702.8650 | Fax: 773.834.5297
Fax for application materials: 773.702.0661

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The Admissions Officers

Each area of the country is assigned an officer that travels to and reads applications from this region. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to the officer in your area using our interactive map or the list below. Students attending boarding schools are requested to direct their questions to the representative for the area where they attend school, and homeschooled students to the representative for the area where they reside. 

AK Chris Davey
AL Beth Minney
AR Zach Evans
AZ Christina Rivers
  • Los Angeles and metro area, Long Beach | Emily Benoit
  • San Francisco, Marin County, East Bay, Sacramento, and Northern California | Troy Carlson
  • Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire, and Imperial Valley | Alex Sotiropoulos
  • Silicon Valley, San Jose, Central Coast, Santa Barbara and metro area | Neeti Jain
CO Zach Evans
CT  Grace Chapin
DE  Katie Quille Chaszczewski
District of Columbia Karen Schrum
GA  Marjie Betley
HI  Troy Carlson
IA  Maya Scheidl
ID  Eloise Hyman
KS Zach Evans
KY Ryne Cannon
LA  Ryne Cannon
MA Grace Chapin
MD Mason Heller
ME Eloise Hyman
MI Justin Klein
MN  Maya Scheidl
MS Beth Minney
MT Eloise Hyman
NC Colleen Belak
ND Maya Scheidl
NE Maya Scheidl
NH Eloise Hyman
NM Christina Rivers
OK Zach Evans
PR (Puerto Rico) Yaneth Bello
RI Grace Chapin
SC Colleen Belak
SD Maya Scheidl
TN Ryne Cannon
UT Christina Rivers
VT Eloise Hyman
WI Danny Urbina-McCarthy
WV Mason Heller
WY Zach Evans

All International inquiries should be directed to:


James Nondorf
VP for Enrollment and Student Advancement & Dean of College Admissions and Financial Aid

Karen Schrum
Senior Executive Director for Enrollment and Student Advancement

Peter Wilson
Deputy Dean of Admissions and Chief of Staff

Mary Hetlage
Senior Associate Director of Admissions