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Rosenwald Corps
Julius Rosenwald
Julius Rosenwald was an American merchant and philanthropist who strongly supported education for people from all backgrounds. In 1917, he established the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which donated millions of dollars in matching funds to support education.

The Rosenwald Corps

In the spirit of Julius Rosenwald, the Rosenwald Corps is open to all students at the University of Chicago who support the Undergraduate Admissions Office in its efforts to provide excellent customer serviceunderstand the needs of prospective students and families, and provide greater access to college for students of all backgrounds. Members of the Rosenwald Corps include tour guides, interns, event volunteers, and overnight hosts.

What’s the advantage of living in a College House? How do you balance schoolwork with a substantial research position on campus?  Which is objectively the best flavor to choose on $1 milkshake Wednesdays?

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