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QuestBridge FAQ

Is the National College Match binding?

Yes, the National College Match at UChicago is binding.

How and when will I be notified if I match with UChicago?

QuestBridge will notify finalists of their College Match status in early December. We will contact matched students shortly thereafter with additional information.

Will the University of Chicago use my QuestBridge application for consideration for the National College Match?

Yes, we will. In addition, we require students to complete the specific UChicago supplemental questions and essays by November 1. Please refer to our first-year applicant instructions for more information.

Is testing required for QuestBridge students?

UChicago's application is test optional. If you feel that an SAT or ACT score does not fully reflect your academic preparedness or potential, you may apply without submitting SAT or ACT scores. If there are other ways you like to demonstrate your  intellectual abilities, you can submit alternative academic work or standardized testing other than the SAT or ACT such as AP, IB, or SAT Subject Test scores or alternative academic submissions.

I would like to take the October ACT or November SAT. Will you consider these scores?

For students applying to UChicago through the National College Match, we will accept ACT and SAT test scores taken during or before the month of October of the year you apply.

How can my counselor submit my transcript?

If you submitted your transcript through QuestBridge, we should have automatically received it already! If you have not submitted your transcript through QuestBridge or have concerns we have not received it, we accept transcripts in two ways: 1) students can self-submit their unofficial transcript, 2) your school can submit your official transcript. Students who are admitted will be required to submit official final transcripts. Alternatively, our fax number is 773.702.0661. For a complete list of submission methods, please visit our Apply page.

Can international students apply to the University of Chicago through the National College Match?

International students who need financial aid may apply through the College Match Program and for Early Action. In our admissions process, we must be need-aware for international candidates. Learn more about financial aid for international students.

I cannot complete the FAFSA application. How can I apply for financial aid at UChicago?

We will ask you to complete the International Student Financial Aid Worksheet. It will be available in your UChicago account once you submit your application. You should complete the form (for us) in your UChicago account but you can preview the form here. To learn more about applying for financial aid as an international student, please visit this page.

My parents are separated or divorced, do you need my non-custodial parent information?

No, we do not require non-custodial parent information.

How can I create a UChicago Account so I can track my admissions materials and submit tax documents quickly and securely?
If I am not matched with UChicago, can I still apply Early Action?

All QuestBridge finalists who ranked UChicago and did not match with a binding college will automatically receive an Early Action admission decision in mid-December.

If I am admitted to the University of Chicago, but not through the National College Match program, what kind of Financial Aid will I be offered?

The University of Chicago meets 100% of demonstrated need for all admitted students. You may find that your financial aid package is similar to that offered through the College Match, but each case is considered individually. Learn more about financial aid at UChicago.