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UChicago’s Spanish program prepares students to succeed in a multilingual and multicultural Hispanic world. Classes within the Spanish program fall under two categories: Language and Literature and Culture. Through these classes, students both gain the knowledge and critical skills necessary for engaging with the diverse cultural nuances of Iberia and Latin America and strengthen their oral and written Spanish language level by analyzing written text and writing and presenting well-crafted arguments.

Sample Language course:

  • SPAN 20304. Spanish for the Professions. 100 Units.
    This course is designed for students aspiring to use Spanish in a professional context. Students will expand their lexical and cultural knowledge of their chosen professional area through self-selected readings and a presentation, and will hone linguistic skills relevant to any workplace environment.

Sample Literature and Culture course:

  • SPAN 23117. Research and Performance: Latin American Baroque Music. 100 Units.
    This course will examine the musical document as a source of musicological studies and its relationship to performance. Topics include: major reservoirs of music documents in Latin America; the early music ensemble, Ars Longa, and the rescue of opera ominia; recording and performing Cuban and Latin American music in a historically informed way; the Sacred Music Collection from eighteenth century Cuba. There is a performance component to this course. Students are encouraged to have some background in music or Latin American history prior to entering the course.

UChicago Spanish students are strongly encouraged to study abroad during the course of their degree completion. The university offers programs Oaxaca, Barcelona, and Toledo, and students can also choose a direct enrollment program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile, one of Latin America’s most respected universities.