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Romance Languages and Literatures


  • Catalan
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Among recent proof of UChicago’s stature in Romance language studies: a grant from the French government recognized UChicago as one of six Centres d’Excellence in French Studies in the U.S., the Italian program has been chosen as the site of a newly created Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Modern Italian Studies, and the University has just received a Mellon grant that will fund the expansion of all language programs and the introduction of a number of new experiments in language teaching. The department sponsors off-campus programs in Costa Rica, France, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

In addition to providing students with essential language skills, the department offers programs of study leading to the BA in French, Italian, or Spanish literature. A program combining some of the above languages (with Portuguese or Catalan as additional options) is also available. All concentrators write a BA paper. The department also offers BA/MA degrees in French, Italian, or Spanish.

Students in other fields of study may complete a minor in Romance Languages and Literatures.