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Political Science

UChicago’s Political Science Department has had a leading program since its start, with a faculty including one of the country’s leading scholars on race, an expert on the impact of language and religion on politics, a leading scholar on the work of John Locke, and a top constitutional theorist. Internship settings include the Mayor’s Office of the City of Chicago, the Brookings Institution, the Washington Peace Center, and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

To build an informed understanding of the field, students take at least one course in three of four subfields: political theory, American politics, comparative politics, and international relations. In addition to other advanced courses, students take part in a research and writing program designed to help them formulate a research project and plan for their BA paper.

Political science contributes to a liberal education by introducing students to concepts, methods, and knowledge that help them understand and judge politics within and among nations. A BA degree in Political Science can lead to a career in business, government, journalism, education, or nonprofit organizations; or it can lead to a PhD program in the social sciences or to professional school in law, business, public policy, or international relations. These are only some recent examples of options that have been chosen by our graduates.