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A recent grant from the French government has recognized UChicago as one of six Centres d’Excellence in French Studies in the U.S. French is one of five languages offered by the Romance Languages and Literatures department. Study of the French language offers students a pathway towards developing their linguistic competence, while also providing them a heightened knowledge of Francophone literature and culture.

Students pursuing a major may, after having completed their introductory requirements, choose between two tracks:

  • Major Track 1: French and Francophone Language and Literature

    In this track an emphasis will be placed on literature and culture courses taught in French, in addition to an option to study language pedagogy.

    Sample courses include: Écrire en français; Expression orale et phonétique; Ancien français; Montaigne dans l’histoire littéraire; Baudelaire; Le livre antillais: culture, écriture, et politique.  

  • Major Track 2: French and Francophone Society and Culture

    This track will place an emphasis on French and Francophone culture, society, history, or arts, including up to three courses taught outside the department.

    Sample courses include: Jeanne d’Arc: histoire et légende; Flaubert and Marx; French Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s; Modes de raisonnement français (Paris Center Fall program).

Additionally, students may minor in French and Francophone Studies.

Through close departmental ties to the University of Chicago Center in Paris, UChicago French students have the opportunity to study abroad. Many majors and minors will decide to spend a quarter or academic year abroad at some point in their college careers. These periods abroad afford students valuable cultural and linguistic immersion. Additionally, the three civilization courses in the French-language European Civilization in Paris program can be used for credit in the French major or minor.