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Computer Science

Launch to the Future: Quantum Internet
Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette discusses Quantum Internet at UChicago.

UChicago’s Computer Science program involves students on the cutting edge of operating systems, artificial intelligence, information theory and coding, analysis of algorithms, complexity theory, numerical computation, combinatorics, and computability theory. Undergraduates are welcome to participate in such departmental research projects as the Linguistica Project, a joint venture between the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Computer Science designed to explore the unsupervised learning of natural language; designing and implementing a new object-oriented class-based programming language with higher-order concurrency called Moby; and tracking thermonuclear flashes with the ASC/Alliances Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes.

The Computer Science program prepares students for either graduate work or employment in computer science by offering both B.A. and B.S. degrees. Students receiving the B.A. will have sufficient breadth and depth for either graduate study or immediate employment in computer science. Recipients of the B.S. will also have substantial depth and breadth in a field outside of computer science through the completion of an approved related area.

Students in other fields of study may complete a minor in Computer Science.