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This week we're highlighting the Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons, known to most students as “South.” We interviewed a student from Halperin House to get his perspective on the best parts of living there.

This week we spotlight on the Renee Granville Grossville Residential Commons, known to most students as “South.” Even though South is one of our largest dorms on campus, each House has its own unique culture, as you’ll see from the students interviewed.

The 38 College Houses, spread out over 11 dorms, are the building blocks of social life on campus.  Each week for the next month, we'll be asking students about what makes their House community tick.  This week: Maclean House, Palmer House, and May House!

The UChicago Model United Nations Team, organized under the RSO Recognized Student Organization (RSO) ChoMUN, has had incredible success in recent years, winning scads of Best Large Delegation awards at competitions held at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Harvard. On top of that, the RSO hosts the largest purely crisis-based committee in the competitive circuit, where committees represent everything from an organized crime ring in Las Vegas to the Court of the Boy-King Yadegard III of the Sassanian Empire in 632 CE.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Special Collections Research Center invite you to explore which UChicago president you’re most like.

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For fans of Café Spotlight: Part One and anyone else who might have stumbled across this page, I cannot stress enough that cafés are an integral part of campus culture (I’ve now counted 20 cafés on campus alone, not counting the ones nearby in the rest of Hyde Park). I plan my day around cafés: meet a friend for brunch in the morning, class, afternoon coffee, class, and then I sit and work in Hallowed Grounds (featured below). Most cafés on campus take Maroon Dollars, which come with the required meal plan for all first years.

Winter has descended upon Hyde Park and you know what? That’s okay.

Winter in Chicago is often bemoaned as a grim, terrible experience, consisting of bone-crunching cold, mountains of snow, and bleak and dreary days.

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not as bad as it seems.

Yes Chicago is cold, yes there is snow, and yes, sometimes the sun goes away for awhile, but no, “grim” and “terrible” are not apt and never have been.

You see, a Chicago winter is as much a portrait of some crazy weather as it is an exercise in adaptation.

         For those of you who were recently admitted or planning to visit campus this winter (hint: you’re going to want to spend some time indoors), here are some of the many cafés on campus you might be interested in seeing. Cafés are a great place to study or meet friends, and as prospective students, they’re a great place to people watch and discover why UChicago is the school for you.

We are currently in Finals Week at UChicago so we wanted to give our current student bloggers a break this week to focus on their exams. Instead of puttingup a student post, we asked some of our admissions counselors who are recent graduates of the College to share their favorite Finals Week memories.

Colleen Belak

Territory: Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of China
AB’12 / Majors: Political Science with a Minor in Human Rights / May House—Max Palevsky

November creeps around the corner, shortening the days and freezing the air. Midterms and papers pile up in the increasingly longer nights spent in the libraries, and before you know it, the last leaf on the last tree has fallen. But this gloom doesn’t last because the further the temperature drops, the closer we get to the holiday season! Thanksgiving stands out like a beacon of light at the end of November, and as it fast approaches, it gives out warmth and comfort to the entire campus.