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While I never would have expected to spend the first night of college asking random strangers for their signature outside of the John Hancock Center (get it?), I’m so glad I did. Our House Activities Night, a quirky scavenger hunt around downtown Chicago, allowed me to experience my new home away from home, Hoover House, for the first time. My housemates and I got to hop from one famous Chicago landmark to the next, oftentimes having to do an activity at each (like singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” next to the lions outside of the Art Institute).

The air warms up, the humidity rises, and everyone in Chicago can feel it: yep, music festival season. We all know that Chicago’s greatest music festival is the one that happens on the UChicago campus in Hutch Courtyard, Summer Breeze, where this year Jeremih, Joey Bada$$, and Sophie killed it. Jeremih of course rocked “Oui,” but it was bringing up beloved South Side rapper Lil Durk that really pushed it over the top. Never fear though, there’s still plenty of live music to check out over the rest of the summer too.

Where Fun Comes to Dance

Last Saturday, with tears pooling under my eyelashes, I danced the Argentinian Tango for Rhythmic Bodies in Motion’s (RBIM) annual spring performance, my final dance show as an undergraduate at UChicago. The moment was entirely bittersweet: my excitement and joy at performing onstage was tinged with the realization that this was the last time I would be on stage at Mandel Hall.

RBIM.jpgPhoto courtesy of Kiran Misra and Rhythmic Bodies in Motion


The word “trek” gets a bad rep. When you hear someone say they’re making the trek to somewhere, it usually implies reluctance about the journey. This isn’t the case at UChicago.

“Hmm,” said a small voice in his ear. “Difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes -- and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that’s interesting … So where shall I put you?”       Well if you’re sure -- better be BOOTH!

“Everyone here is going to pick a neighborhood. A Chicago neighborhood. You’re going to do research, conduct interviews, and go out into that neighborhood and find something that’s never been found before.”

On my quest to find a suitable major, I found these instructions before me as I entered into an Urban Sociology class my second year.  At the time, those were some of the most terrifying words I had heard in my college career. 


I am mid-way through my fourth year spring quarter, so naturally I am feeling quite nostalgic. In reflecting fondly on many of my experiences at UChicago, one in particular comes to the fore: my involvement with the Institute of Politics (IOP) at UChicago. The nonpartisan Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago is an extracurricular program designed to ignite in young people a passion for politics and public service.

UChicago Athletics consists of 19 men’s and women’s teams that compete at the NCAA Division III level. The fall sports—including soccer, football, volleyball, and cross country—all start practicing in August. This period is known as “preseason,” when student athletes live on campus for a little over one month before classes start. It is a time for athletes to dedicate their life to their sport before the hustle of classes and extracurricular activities begin. My life during preseason just so happens to be soccer. 

There are so many culinary destinations on 53rd, it’s hard to keep track of them all! Below I’ve listed some of the culinary destinations I frequent most often.


Part III: On or Near 53rd


Harold’s: 1208 E 53rd Street

The best fried chicken hands-down, Harold’s is a spot that you must try during your first quarter at UChicago. With a student discount and specials throughout the week, Harold’s is perfect for a college student who just wants good, cheap food.

The University of Chicago is renowned for giving its undergrads an education that doesn’t just get you a job, but enhances your intellectual life in a way that will (hopefully) stick with you long after your four years are up. Besides our generally impeccable academic rigor, one of the ways UChicago prepares you for a future outside of the school is the BA thesis many undergrads write in their fourth year.