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Grotesque, stone ornament, hunky-punk. A gargoyle by any other name is still just as quintessential to UChicago architecture. If you were adorning the top of one of our buildings, which gargoyle would you be?

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I, just like many of my peers in the College, was struck by a familiar panic this year, right around mid-April: the panic of asking yourself “what am I going to do this summer?” And this year, just as I did last year, I turned once again to the University’s Jeff Metcalf internship program.

Since college started, the freedom of summer has been terrifying. 

I think back to the serenity of my kid-summers – flip-turns at the city pool for swim team; cycling down to the creek to skip rocks with my older brother. For the 12-year-old Anthony, summer was nothing more than a lazy set of sunny days. The world expected little of me; frankly, I expected little of me.

There was something new about the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt this year. Slipping between the classical Scav powerhouse teams like Snell-Hitchcock and Brostomp FM were three women from the University’s Women Athletic Association, none of whom had ever participated in the Scavenger Hunt before. They weren’t really in it to win, they were just out to participate in as many things as they could before graduating.

Hello, dear Uncommon Blog enthusiasts,

At the beginning of last winter quarter, I joined the Board of EnvisionDo, an RSO (= registered student organization) that provides a platform for students to explore creativity and innovation in business. Past EnvisionDo events include a gastro-conference, Reddit co-founder speaker event, and a Groupon site visit.

How’s it going friends and well-wishers? We’re getting back into the swing of spring  (quarter) here at the College, so we thought we’d put together a little blog post about what various members of the student body did over their spring break. Me, personally? I caught at 6 AM flight from O’Hare back to the luxuriously carpeted Portland International Airport during finals week, then proceeded to binge on Criterions movies with Hulu plus: The Thief of Bagdad, Three Colors: Blue, The Rules of the Game, the list goes on.

Today, we visit Woodward House and Rickert House in Max Palevsky. Wendy and Tunisia tell us what colors and defines their respective Houses!

This week we're highlighting the Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons, known to most students as “South.” We interviewed a student from Halperin House to get his perspective on the best parts of living there.

This week we spotlight on the Renee Granville Grossville Residential Commons, known to most students as “South.” Even though South is one of our largest dorms on campus, each House has its own unique culture, as you’ll see from the students interviewed.

The 38 College Houses, spread out over 11 dorms, are the building blocks of social life on campus.  Each week for the next month, we'll be asking students about what makes their House community tick.  This week: Maclean House, Palmer House, and May House!