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Career Advancement

Explore the "UChicago Careers In" programs, which help students find internships and employment opportunities and learn valuable professional skills in the field of their choosing.

Career Advancment Careers Overview
Metcalf Internship Program Overview
UChicago Careers In Business
UChicago Careers In Education Professions
UChicago Careers In Entrepreneurship
UChicago Careers In Health Profession
UChicago Careers In Journalism, Arts, and Media
UChicago Careers In Law
UChicago Careers In Public and Social Service
UChicago Careers In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
A Culture of Innovation

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Learn about the awards UChicago offers and how to apply for aid, as well as special scholarship programs for low-income students and students from the city of Chicago.

No Barriers - Financial Aid at UChicago
Police & Fire Scholarship Form
UChicago Promise Brochure

Academics & Majors

Experience the Core Curriculum, the foundation of a UChicago education, and dozens of individual courses of study.

The Core Brochure
Biological Science Major Brochure
Chemistry Major Brochure
Cinema and Media Major Brochure
Classics Major Brochure
CHDV Major Brochure
Economics Major Brochure
English Major Brochure
History Major Brochure
Human Rights Major Brochure
International Studies Major Brochure
Mathematics Major Brochure
Music Major Brochure
Philosophy Major Brochure
Physics Major Brochure
Political Science Major Brochure
RLST Major Brochure
Statistics Major Brochure
TAPS Major Brochure
Visual Arts Major Brochure
Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME)
Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME)

Student Life

From midnight soccer to camping trips to community service, from campus to downtown and beyond, take a look at life on UChicago’s campus.

UChicago Athletics Brochure
UChicago Multicultural Brochure
UChicago Snapshot Brochure

International & Study Abroad

Discover UChicago’s Overseas Centers in Beijing and Paris, as well as the wide variety of diverse study-abroad options available to UChicago undergraduates.

Study Abroad Program
International Center in Beijing


Select UChicago publications translated into Spanish.

Investigación audaz. Posibilidades ilimitadas.
Ayuda Financiera
Carreras en Desarrollo