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Passion for Public Service: The Institute of Politics


I am mid-way through my fourth year spring quarter, so naturally I am feeling quite nostalgic. In reflecting fondly on many of my experiences at UChicago, one in particular comes to the fore: my involvement with the Institute of Politics (IOP) at UChicago. The nonpartisan Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago is an extracurricular program designed to ignite in young people a passion for politics and public service.

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UChicago has Sports Teams ?!?

UChicago Athletics consists of 19 men’s and women’s teams that compete at the NCAA Division III level. The fall sports—including soccer, football, volleyball, and cross country—all start practicing in August. This period is known as “preseason,” when student athletes live on campus for a little over one month before classes start. It is a time for athletes to dedicate their life to their sport before the hustle of classes and extracurricular activities begin. My life during preseason just so happens to be soccer. 

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Eating My Way Through Hyde Park: Part I

In addition to having the classics that everyone knows and loves (Chipotle, Five Guys, Potbelly’s, Jimmy John’s, Dunkin Donuts), Hyde Park also has its own plethora of unique restaurants and eating establishments that can appease every student’s palate. My goal is to eat at every single one of them before I graduate. Here is a (non-exhaustive!) list of some of the gems Hyde Park has to offer, as well as my favorites from the restaurants I’ve already conquered. Happy eating!


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Which UChicago Gargoyle Are You?

Grotesque, stone ornament, hunky-punk. A gargoyle by any other name is still just as quintessential to UChicago architecture. If you were adorning the top of one of our buildings, which gargoyle would you be?

Take the quiz to find out!

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The College Houses: Max Edition

Today, we visit Woodward House and Rickert House in Max Palevsky. Wendy and Tunisia tell us what colors and defines their respective Houses!

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