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The Undergraduate Guide to the Polsky Center

Ever wanted to start your own business? Interested in startups and entrepreneurship? The Polsky Center, located on 53rd Street in Downtown Hyde Park, is a vibrant hub for innovation and invention. The Center incubates a whopping 10-20 startups at any given time, and more than 2,500 members take use of the wide-open co-working space and conference rooms. The Polsky Center draws in professors, community members, graduate school students, and college students to collaborate and create new products.

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Campus North & What You'll Find!

UChicago’s Campus North Residential Commons has brought a whole new vibe and living area to campus. With a new dormitory and dining hall, North’s 800 residents are split between eight houses that span three towers, all connected by the ground-level lobby. Multiple study rooms, classrooms, and music rooms can be found in each building, allowing a mix of socializing, learning, and living. The second floor windows showcase beautiful outdoor courtyards where students can gather.


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My Ticket Backstage


Given that Hamilton mania is sweeping the nation, tickets have been through the roof in both Chicago and New York. What to do when you’re living on a college student’s budget but have a burning desire to see Hamilton live? (I may or may not have listened to the Original Broadway Cast Recording on repeat since July.)

Enter ArtsPass.

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Eating My Way Through Hyde Park: Part III

There are so many culinary destinations on 53rd, it’s hard to keep track of them all! Below I’ve listed some of the culinary destinations I frequent most often.


Part III: On or Near 53rd


Harold’s: 1208 E 53rd Street

The best fried chicken hands-down, Harold’s is a spot that you must try during your first quarter at UChicago. With a student discount and specials throughout the week, Harold’s is perfect for a college student who just wants good, cheap food.

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Picasso in a Petri Dish

I knew in high school that I wanted to study biology, but I wasn’t ready to give up my fascination with literature, history, and art. When I started my first year at UChicago, I hesitated to declare my Biology major and instead started a Social Sciences sequence (part of the UChicago Core), called Classics of Social and Political Thought. We dived headfirst into Greek philosophy, and I was surrounded by the rich history of classical thought. Each discussion was a new adventure into a past era and school of thought. By the time we reached Nietzsche, I was in too deep.

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