Student Life

Student Life

The Life of the Mind transcends the traditional college experience, transforming the entire city of Chicago into your biggest classroom.

We believe that community starts with sharing common space—and a common spirit.

Residential Campus

The University of Chicago’s residential housing model integrates faculty, staff, upperclass resident assistants, and a cadre of 40 to 100 students who live, learn, and laugh together. Your House becomes a home as soon as you set foot on campus. Resident Heads open their doors to you, sharing their family lives (and pets!), hosting study breaks, Bad Movie Night, 10-minute finals-week dance parties, and hiking excursions to the Indiana Dunes.

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Arts, Athletics, Activities, and More

Unlike high school where you’re in class seven hours a day, a truly rewarding college experience allows you to construct your own schedule (read: "school days" with class for two hours--or no class at all!). That means scholar-athletes, principal cellists, and quiz-bowl champions have plenty of time during the day to do what they love outside of the classroom. With over 400 clubs and a campus alive with yearly events and wild traditions, and you might wonder when students find time to study at all (somehow, they do).

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Diverse Perspectives

Rigorous inquiry demands diverse perspectives. Academic programs and resources such as the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and International House serve a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.

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Community at Every Turn

From our campus (a certified botanic garden!), up the lakefront parks and beaches, and into downtown Millennium Park and beyond, students from across the globe adopt Chicago as their home.

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