Residence Halls

Burton-Judson Courts

If you’re looking to live in Hogwarts, then Burton-Judson, or BJ, is just what you’ve been waiting for. Located just south of the Midway, it’s a five-minute walk to most classes, and 10 minutes to the science quads and buildings on the north side of campus. There are six Houses in BJ and the rooms are mostly singles, with some suites and larger doubles, and community bathrooms on each floor. Exploring the depths of this Neo-Gothic dorm won’t quite get you to the Room of Requirement, but you will find a community kitchen, ping-pong and other fun amenities in the basement (called the “Pit”), a small and cozy library, a bunch of beautifully furnished study rooms, two grassy courtyards, and a dining hall next door. BJ has all sorts of fun traditions and competitions between the Houses, including BJ Olympics and Karaoke Night, as well as a strong presence in intramural sports and fun activities on the Midway grass.

Houses in Burton-Judson Courts

Campus North Residential Commons

UChicago's newest residential community, Campus North Residential Commons, is home to 800 students in eight Houses and also includes Baker Dining Commons, a 15th-floor reading room with spectacular views of Lake Michigan, and a late-night cookie store. Campus North is a quick five-minute walk from the main quads.

Houses in Campus North Residential Commons

Max Palevsky Residential Commons

One of the largest Residence Halls (715 residents in 8 different Houses), Max Palevsky is a great place place to live on campus. Split into three separate buildings (East, West, and Central) and located just north of campus, Max Palevsky is a perfect option for people who want to have everything close to them including classes (you can roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and still make it on time), the Regenstein Library, and Bartlett Dining Commons. The room arrangement is suite-style: two connected double rooms with a shared vestibule and private bathroom, perfect for people looking for a traditional and social dorm atmosphere. This colorful, Lego-like orange building is a great option for all types of people because of its location and fun atmosphere.

Houses in Max Palevsky Residential Commons

Snell-Hitchcock Hall

Two gothic buildings, located right on the main quads, connected by a basement, come together to form one of the most highly sought-after, convenient, and interesting dorms on campus. Snell and Hitchcock are over 100 years old, house 156 students, and provide a building and culture of fun, quirkiness, academic intensity, and (most importantly for Snell-Hitchcock-ites) Scav Hunt. Hitchcock has some singles and two-room suites, but first years get double rooms. A lot of the rooms have decorative, though likely non-functioning, fireplaces. Residents have a beautiful House lounge called the Green Room, as well as a Rec Room they share with Snell. Snell has almost all singles except for a large double for upperclassmen, and residents often hang out in their own House lounge, the Tea Room. Both Snell and Hitchcock have their own community kitchen, and both Houses have community bathrooms.

Houses in Snell-Hitchcock Hall

Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons (formerly South Campus)

Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons (South, SoCam, SCRH) was completed in fall 2009 and immediately became a huge center for student life on campus, largely due to the nearly 800 students and eight Houses it has situated around two courtyards. The rooms are mostly singles or doubles with single- and multiple-user community bathrooms, but there are three or four apartment-style rooms in each House with private bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms (though these rooms are usually reserved for upperclassmen). Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons also contains a late-night convenience store (Midway Market), music rooms, large and luxurious study rooms, and the newest dining hall located right next door. If you’re looking for a social atmosphere, shiny new digs, and plenty of people to hang out with, look no further than Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons.

Houses in Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons East
Houses in Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons West

Stony Island Hall

Stony Island, commonly called Stony, is a small House of 77 residents. This hall, and House, thus has an eclectic and diverse mix of students. All rooms are apartment-style with two double bedrooms connected by a huge living room, kitchen, and balcony, with two full bathrooms in each apartment. Extremely convenient for getting downtown (right next to bus stops and the Metra line), it’s also a nice jaunt (10-15 minutes) from campus and 5-10 minutes away from restaurants and bookstores on 57th Street. Stony is great place to live for people who want a little more independence and space, but still want the connectedness and camaraderie associated with living in housing.

Houses in Stony Island Hall

International House

International House (I-House) was originally built in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller Jr. to promote cross-cultural learning and friendship. It is located on the northern side of the Midway and is about a 5-minute walk to Harper Memorial, and 10 minutes to the north part of campus but still very close to the CTA and the Metra, giving you easy access to downtown. I-House hosts a wide variety of events ranging from lecture series to cultural events, making it very easy for you to take advantage of all of these great opportunities. I-House is home to four House System Houses, along with other graduate and College students who live in the rest of the House. The four House System Houses also have faculty Resident Masters who are able to provide numerous cultural, social and intellectual events (these are free or subsidized!).

Houses in International House