Housing & Dining

Resident LIfe

UChicago's Houses provide a true home for the Life of the Mind.

At UChicago, dorm life = House life = home life.

When you become a student at the University of Chicago, you become part of a campus community that crackles with intellectual energy. Just read the bulletin boards in our residential Houses, stop by a study break, hang out in a House Lounge, or eavesdrop on conversations at the House Tables in a dining commons to know what we mean.

Built-in community

UChicago’s seven residence halls comprise 38 Houses—communities that eat, debate, and play together. Each House consists of a group of about 80 students sharing a cluster of individual rooms and common areas within the residence halls with their own traditions, own House Council, and resident staff. Housing is guaranteed all four years.

Flexible dining

Most students in Housing enjoy an unlimited and continuous dining plan. Each House has a table in one of the campus dining commons so you will always have a place to eat with friends.

A way of life

Our Housing System brings undergraduates together with resident staff (faculty and advanced graduate students) for whom study and intellectual exchange are a way of life. Additionally, Houses are traditionally composed of students from all years in the College, so mentoring begins from day one.