Career Preparation

Career exploration

A University of Chicago education will help you gain the skills and critical thinking necessary for a successful career in any field you choose upon graduation. It is never too early to begin your career exploration, and you can always revisit the process as you refine your interests and explore new options.

First-years begin their career exploration by setting up an appointment with the Office of Career Advancement, where the first visit includes a review of the student’s resume. Subsequent visits provide students with opportunities to attend career fairs, mingle with successful alumni who have taken many career paths, and attend Career Advancement resume building workshops. For first-years, Venture to Adventure takes place in Bartlett dining hall, and students are grouped according to their interests. Upper-class students and alumni alike are there to help first-years begin the process of exploring a career and finding a summer job or internship. As students move into their second and third years in the College, they can attend Taking the Next Step, at the Marriott hotel in downtown Chicago. Again, they sit at themed tables, now more focused on a career path and ready to engage alumni in attendance with enthusiasm and prior knowledge.

Career preparation

We offer experiential programs for students with an eye toward pre-professional development. Many of the programs work with our graduate schools and the Career Advancement office to offer classes, peer advising, mentoring, and graduate school test preparation.

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