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(Application) Seasons Greetings!

As the early application excitement winds down and we settle in to our application reading season, I wanted to share some of the great news that has taken place here at UChicago over the past few months! These programs and events highlight how we interact and engage with prospective and current students, professors, and families here in Chicago and around the world. Most notable is the new No Barriers initiative, which builds upon the success of UChicago Promise and extends our commitment to support students from a wide diversity of financial backgrounds through every phase of their education at UChicago. Financial support begins during the application process, where the application fee is automatically waived for any student who is applying for need–based financial aid, and continues throughout their four years, where student loans are replaced with grants in all need–based financial aid packages. In addition to expanding the financial resources for students on campus, No Barriers will also include more than 100 public information sessions around the country to help guide students through the college application and financial aid process.

Through interactions with high schools and community based organizations like yours, we hope to be another great resource to build a college–going culture and help all students, regardless of their interest in UChicago, navigate their way through the application process!


Edgar Gonzalez
Admissions Counselor

No Barriers: Our Enhanced Commitment to Financial Aid and Career Support

Three UChicago students at the No Barriers announcement on October 1.

Second–year Anthony Downer (left), Chloe Glispie and Timothy Salazar. (Photo by Robert Kozloff)

The University of Chicago is launching a comprehensive initiative called No Barriers to support students in all phases of their education and beyond graduation, including expanded opportunities for career development and elimination of all student loan requirements in undergraduate, need–based financial aid packages. No Barriers is part of the College's wider effort to reinforce the distinctive education and career preparation that UChicago provides for students of all backgrounds and economic circumstances. Read more »

New Students Exude UChicago Pride

New UChicago students marching in the convocation parade.

The traditional new student procession welcomes incoming students to UChicago.

Get to know some of the new members of our community and their experiences as they join the Class of 2018. For many, gaining admission is more than a personal milestone—it can be a point of accomplishment for an entire school, and an inspiration to others in their communities. In the words of John W. Boyer, Dean of the College, “Each year the new students manage to exceed my expectations. We are delighted to have such an excellent group of first years with us, representing so many different parts of the country and the world.” Read more »

UChicago's Center in Paris Celebrates Its First Decade

UChicago's Center in Paris

The Center in Paris is located along the Seine River. (Photo by Robert Kozloff)

Since its inauguration in 2004, the University of Chicago Center in Paris has been a hub for collaboration with universities and research institutions across Europe. On Sept. 5-6, the Center marked its 10th anniversary with a series of events and celebrations. Since its founding, the Center has expanded twice to provide research support and educational opportunities in France for a growing number of UChicago faculty and students. Today, the Center offers undergraduate courses for 250 UChicago undergraduates and provides research offices for a dozen graduate students every year. In addition, the Center hosts a wide range of public lectures, colloquia, debates, and conferences. “We see an increasing role for Paris as a fulcrum for activities across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as a warm and welcoming intellectual home for all members and partners of our community,” says John W. Boyer, dean of the College and the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor in History. Read more »

Chicago Innovation Exchange Opens at the University of Chicago

The Chicago Innovation Exchange

The Chicago Innovation Exchange

On October 16, the University of Chicago celebrated the grand opening of the Chicago Innovation Exchange, a new innovation hub in Hyde Park that will provide resources for UChicago faculty and students and local entrepreneurs to turn their discoveries and ideas into business startups. The 17,000–square–foot facility located on the second floor of the Harper Theater building at 1452 E. 53rd Street will house a business incubator and an array of programming for entrepreneurs. It will draw participation from various entities across the University and from the entrepreneurial community on the South Side of Chicago—connecting them with the city's broader innovation ecosystem.
Read more »

UChicago Launches Civil Leadership Academy for City's Nonprofit and Government Professionals

Aerial view of UChicago and the Skyline
Nonprofit organizations and local government institutions in urban areas often have two things in common: tackling difficult social issues and doing so with limited resources, including time to invest in developing leaders. A new program at the University of Chicago will help strengthen capacity within nonprofits and government agencies in Chicago by bringing together emerging leaders from both sectors to learn critical skills and the means to find solutions to challenges they face. Read more »

Brief News & Events

The late Gary S. Becker, Nobel Laureate

On Oct. 31, the University of Chicago celebrated the life and work of the late Gary S. Becker, a Nobel laureate who made a profound impact on the study of economics and sociology and on the intellectual life of the University. Events included an academic conference sponsored by the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, featuring new scholarship and reflections on Becker's work. Read more »

Prof. Aaron Sorkin defending the latke in 2010.

The annual Latke–Hamantash Debate will take place Tuesday, Nov. 25, at 7:30 p.m. in Mandel Hall. Each year the University of Chicago hosts the legendary event, where faculty teams line up in fierce but fun–loving defense of either the latke or the hamantash, attempting to determine once and for all which is the better Jewish food. In the 2010 debate (above), chemist Aaron Sorkin used a potato gun to test the energy efficiency of each food. Read more »

The hammers of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel's Carillon

The hammers of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel's Carillon, the largest instrument ever built.

November 25 — The 68th Annual Latke–Hamantash Debate

December 1 — Caroling with the Carillon (Read more about our Carillon)

December 13 — Chicago a cappella: Holidays a cappella

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