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Housing & Residence Life

Residence Halls

Seven unique Residence Halls offer students a variety of living options. Each Hall takes on a unique culture while maintaining a sense of community. Do you want to be near the classroom buildings and the library, or do you prefer to live in the neighborhood to get an authentic Chicago experience? Would you prefer a single or a double? Do you feel at home tucked away in a neo-Gothic quadrangle or gazing out a wide modern window? 

A Way of Life

When you become a student at the University of Chicago, you become part of a campus community that crackles with intellectual energy and friendship. Just read the bulletin boards in our residential Houses, stop by a study break, hang out in a House Lounge, or eavesdrop on conversations at the House Tables in a dining commons in order to know what we mean. UChicago’s seven residence halls contain 38 Houses, each taking up a wing or a couple of floors within the residence call. The House have on average 70 students (though they can range from 40 to 104 students), sharing a cluster of individual rooms and common areas within the residence halls. Each House has its own traditions, its own House Council, and its own resident staff. Weekly House meetings and active House Councils bring students together for cultural activities, fundraising, intramural sports, and trips to downtown or through Chicago’s myriad neighborhoods.

Community Life

College Housing & Residence Life gives students both the freedom and the structure for building a comfortable and exciting common life. Students decide together what activities the House will do, so you are certain to do things you would never have thought of doing—or could not do—on your own. If you have never seen the Blue Man Group, played paintball, ice-skated in the shadow of skyscrapers, or gone on an architectural boat tour, you can do it with your Housemates. If you have never shared a living room with seventy people, chances are you’ll do that, too.

Resident Staff

Resident Heads

Resident Heads are advanced graduate students or University staff who reside in each of the College Houses. They and their families open their homes to House meetings, cheer on the House’s teams, host study breaks (with free food!), and are there at all hours to support students and help them with decisions, both big and small.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs), who are usually third- or fourth-year students, also live in the House. As students, RAs know the ropes around campus and offer younger students the benefit of their friendship and experience.

Resident Deans

In the six largest Residence Halls, Resident Deans, drawn from the senior faculty and staff ranks, strive to make the intellectual life of the University and the cultural life of Chicago part of the daily lives of their student residents. They host dormitory-wide events like dinners, receptions, outings to the symphony or the opera, and discussions with luminaries from all corners of University and public life.