Transfer Credit

Enrolling students will receive tentative evaluations of transfer credit from the Office of the Dean of Students in the College over the summer before they arrive on campus. These evaluations are based on transcripts received from all post-secondary schools attended. No evaluations of transfer credit will be granted prior to an offer of admission. For more details, please visit the College's Transfer Credit and Examination Credit pages.

Students transferring from other institutions must attend the University of Chicago for at least six quarters, full or part time, and must successfully complete a minimum of eighteen courses while in residence. Certain College-sponsored study abroad programs (chiefly the Civilization study abroad programs) may be used to meet this residency and course requirement. More than half of the requirements for a major must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.

After matriculation in the College, transfer students may not earn additional credits from schools other than the University of Chicago, except through direct-enrollment study abroad programs sponsored by UChicago. However, these courses will not count toward the residency or course requirements.

Examination Credit

The College grants credit for some Advanced Placement examinations with scores of 4 or 5 and International Baccalaureate Higher Level examinations with scores of 6 or 7, but not for CLEP, USAFI, or correspondence course work. Entering students also take placement tests in a variety of subjects. Learn more about credit gained by examination.

Transfer Credit

Generally, the College grants transfer credit for liberal arts courses carrying at least three semester hours or four quarter hours of credit and passed with a grade of C or better (in some cases, a grade of B or better is required) from an accredited two- or four-year institution. The College does not grant transfer credit for courses in pre-calculus, calculus, or foreign language. Depending on the student’s major and on the level of work to be evaluated, credit for some courses in chemistry, physics, and biology may also be subject to examination. Professional or technical courses (e.g., journalism, business, law, musical performance, speech, nursing) do not transfer; only courses similar to those taught in the College may transfer. 

Upon graduation from the University of Chicago, transfer credits are listed on the student’s University of Chicago transcript only as the number of credits approved for transfer. Courses and grades are not listed, nor do transferred courses contribute to the student’s University of Chicago grade point average for the purpose of computing an overall GPA, Dean’s List, departmental honors, or general honors. Learn more about transfer credit.