Transfer Applicants

The University of Chicago considers you a transfer applicant if you have completed one term as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program at another college or university.

Transfer students must attend the College for at least two academic years (six quarters) and complete the Core curriculum and at least half of their major with us. Tentative evaluations of transfer credit are conducted by the Office of the Dean of Students and mailed out over the summer to enrolling students. Learn more about transfer credit.

If you would like to be a visiting student at the University of Chicago (one year or less) please consult students-at-large.

Students who already have a Bachelor’s degree are not eligible to apply to the undergraduate College at the University of Chicago as the College does not grant second Bachelor’s degrees. However, you are welcome to pursue a graduate degree or apply as a graduate-student-at-large through the Graham School of General Studies.

If you are neither a citizen of the United States nor a permanent resident, then we consider you to be an international transfer applicant, even if you are currently studying at a US college or university. As an international transfer applicant, you will apply in the same manner as any other transfer applicant, with a small number of extra requirements. Please note that financial aid is not available for international transfer applicants.


Transfer applicants may only enter the College in the fall quarter. Transfer applications listed below must be postmarked or submitted electronically by March 1. Transfer decisions will be made available in early May. If you are admitted, please respond with a deposit by June 1.

After the application deadline, we will make it possible to check application credentials on your UChicago Account and notify you if anything is missing. If so, you will have the opportunity to submit any missing materials.

Required Materials

Non-Required Materials

Submitting Documents

Learn more about submitting application documents

Required materials

All of the following materials can be found on the Coalition Application, Universal Application, and Common Application.


Complete the Universal Application, Coalition Application, or Common Application 2014-2015 Transfer Application and the University of Chicago Transfer Supplement with essays. The Coalition, Universal, and Common Applications contain information about your background, academic history, and extracurricular activities.

The University of Chicago Transfer supplement includes additional questions not included on the Coalition, Universal, and Common Applications, along with our essay questions. Transfer students have three additional required essays to complete: a short essay on why you want to attend the University of Chicago as a transfer student, a short essay asking why you are leaving or have already left your current institution, and the extended essay from our student-generated essay questions.


Application fee: The $75 non-refundable application fee may be paid by credit card, check, or money order.

Credit card: Please follow the instructions on the Coalition, Universal, or Common Applications for submitting the application fee online.

Check or money order: Please attach a note to the check or money order with your complete name and address, and mail it to the College Admissions Office by the appropriate application deadline.

Request a Fee Waiver: UChicago does not require an application fee if you believe it to be a financial hardship. To receive a fee waiver, please complete the fee waiver section of the the Coalition Applicaiton, Universal Application, or the Common Application.

You may also request a letter from the Dean of Students at the institution you currently attend regarding your application fee waiver.


University of Chicago requires an ACT or SAT score from all transfer applicants. Have official scores sent to the University of Chicago. UChicago’s SAT code is 1832; the ACT code is 1152. Even if your scores appear on your transcripts, we require official score reports from the testing agencies. Test scores are required for all transfer applicants. Test scores are valid for five years; if your scores are more than five years old, you must retake the test. If you choose to submit ACT scores, we do not require the optional essay component. SAT Subject Test scores are not required, but you are welcome to add them to your file. There is no need to arrange for rush delivery of your scores.

International transfer students may be required to provide English proficiency test scores. Please see additional requirements for International Transfer students.

For applicants after January 1, 2016: The Redesigned SAT
Starting in March 2016, the College Board will offer a new, redesigned version of the SAT. The test itself may be changing, but the way we use SAT scores in the admissions process will not—they will continue to be used as one piece of a much broader holistic review process.
We will continue to accept scores from the old version of the SAT for the five years scores remain valid, and will superscore within both the old exam and the new, but will not superscore between the two versions. No matter what scores you send, we’ll be considering your best.


Give this form to a dean or academic adviser who has access to your disciplinary and academic records at your current college or university (or the college or university you last attended).

NOTE: We do NOT require the Mid-Term Report from the Common Application.


Give these forms to college instructors who know you well and can write about your strengths as a student and a citizen of your college or university community.

If you have not had satisfactory contact with professors at your college or university, we recommend that you give one of the forms to a teaching assistant or lab instructor who may have had more experience working with you. Instructors may print out and submit these forms on paper even if you submit your application online.


Request that official college or university transcripts from every post-secondary school you have attended be sent directly to the Office of College Admissions. If you received pass/fail grades for college or university courses instead of ranking grades, please request that your instructors submit written evaluations of your work.


Send this form to the secondary school from which you graduated. Request that official transcripts from every school you have attended be sent directly to the Office of College Admissions.

Non-required materials


For details on how to apply for financial aid, please refer to Costs and Aid.

The University of Chicago meets all of a student’s demonstrated need throughout the undergraduate years at UChicago. The number of quarters for which you receive financial aid will depend on your transfer credit evaluation, which you will receive after you are offered admission.

There is no University of Chicago financial aid available for international transfer applicants.