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UChicago Careers in Entrepreneurship Brochure
UChicago Careers in Entrepreneurship Brochure

Ever since William Rainey Harper conceived of a Midwestern university to rival elite institutions on the East Coast, the University of Chicago has been an entrepreneurial enterprise. From the first controlled nuclear reaction to influential business practices, the leading edge is part of our daily life here at UChicago.

To maintain this tradition of discovery, Career Advancement integrates a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities into its programming. Students interested in start-ups, venture capital, and other related careers have access to one-on-one advising from a professional with extensive experience. Students with innovative ideas are connected to resources at departments and organizations throughout the University of Chicago, including the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship at the Booth School of Business.

Students also have opportunities to put their ideas into practice in competitions such as the College New Venture Challenge (formerly the UChicago Social Innovation Competition). Student teams are formed to propose sustainable, socially responsible enterprises that benefit the community—whether that’s the University, the nation, or the world.

Entrepreneurial skills are valued in every industry, so all students at the University of Chicago can benefit from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship programming offered through Career Advancement.