Slavic Languages and Literature


  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Georgian
  • Polish
  • Russian

The department includes scholars investigating Balkan and Caucasian linguistics, the history of Georgia, phonological theory, Russian folklore, 20th-century Czech literature, and East European theater. Students use the 525,000-volume Slavic and East European collections in UChicago’s Regenstein Library and have the opportunity to study abroad in Russia or the Czech Republic.

The department offers courses in Russian, Czech, Slovak, and Polish languages and literatures, and in Slavic linguistics and other Slavic subjects. In addition to the concentration program in Russian Language and Literature, concentrations in Czech language and literature and Polish language and literature can be arranged.

Students in other fields of study may also complete a minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures.

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