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The University of Chicago’s world-renowned faculty, dedicated advising staff, and outstanding library and research facilities offer unparalleled preparation for a successful career in law. With its emphasis on breadth of knowledge and intensive study of a particular field, as well as independent thinking and fruitful discussion, a UChicago education provides students with the skills to succeed at the nation’s top law schools and to develop into thoughtful legal professionals and powerful academic leaders.

Law schools tend to seek candidates with rigorous liberal arts backgrounds rather than exhaustive preparation in a specific discipline. While many students pursue a major in the social sciences—economics, political science, or history—growing numbers of law school applicants study the humanities, physical sciences, and biological sciences. UChicago offers 49 majors. Because UChicago’s curriculum stresses clear thinking, writing, and argumentation, any program of study can provide a solid basis for a career in law.

In addition, UChicago students benefit from the opportunity to take classes on campus outside their major field of study. Students interested in courses that will provide background knowledge for specific areas of law have many resources at UChicago, including the Human Rights Program, Program on the Global Environment, and Center for International Studies.