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Education Professions

The University of Chicago has a reputation for being a “teacher of teachers” and has a strong tradition of sending its students to top graduate schools. Many students pursue further academic work with the intention of becoming scholars and teachers in particular academic subjects. Others move with their graduate degrees to become major researchers in government, cultural organizations, and industry.

UChicago Careers in Education Professions (UCIEP) consults with UChicago’s world-renowned faculty and offers a unique set of resources to support students interested in pursuing graduate education in the arts and sciences. Support for students interested in health professions, law, and other professional schools is provided through other UChicago Careers programs.

UCIEP offers workshops, programs, and individual advising to students to help them make informed decisions about which type of graduate program is most appropriate for their career goals, find research and other career-related opportunities, build relationships with faculty, secure strong letters of reference, navigate the application process, write effective statements of purpose, and find valuable interim year experiences.