The UChicago Video Tour

Welcome to the University of Chicago video tour! Let us show you around:

There are two ways to access the tour:

On Campus

If you’re on campus, you can access the video tour from the web browser on your smart phone. Share your location, and the tour will automatically begin at the closest stop to you.

Please note: if your browser prompts you to enable location services, please accept. If you do not get this option, and do not see an orange figure marking your position, please check your phone's settings to see if location services have been disabled for that particular app.


Off Campus

If you’re watching from afar, explore campus by clicking around the different stops.


Watch a current student introduce you to one of 34 spots on campus.



Use the arrow buttons (2) to scroll through gorgeous views of campus.



Dig a little deeper! Find more in-depth info, including useful links, here.




You’re free to blaze your own trail, or follow the path our campus tour guides take by clicking "next" or "prev" (1). 

To close out of each location, just click the X (2).

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